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  • 6 Months
  • 550+ Sessions

Clinical Research Course In Navi Mumbai | 100% Job Guarantee Training

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With CRBtech, your search for the online clinical research course in Navi Mumbai, that also offers a 100% job guarantee, is finally over!

First things first; as per the various sources, the salary range for the clinical research professionals in India happens to be in the range of 3-25 lakhs per annum!

With a number of MNCs having set up their research facilities in India, clinical research has transformed into an industry that will be growing exponentially with time. A report states that at present, there are 50,000+ clinical research jobs in the country! This implies an everlasting demand for qualified experts.

Clinical research is not new to India, and has a presence for a long time now. In fact, India is all set to become a hub for it. A constantly developing industry, it is showing a tremendous interest for the qualified professionals. It is a fast growing vertical. Thanks to the country's rising population. Lesser investment attracts multinationals to come here, and start their research facilities. With a variety of diseases and ailments present here, it proves to be beneficial to plan and perform clinical research trials here itself, if one considers the field of pharmaceutics.

Clinical research can therefore be termed as a promising career alternative with a huge scope for professional growth.

Amongst the core skills necessary to be a clinical research professional include effective interpersonal skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, a customer centric approach, presentation skills, capability to lift and motivate others, attention towards detailing, developing and maintaining good relationships with peers, understanding of numeracy etc.

This online clinical research training programme from CRBtech, is designed in a manner so as to provide the career aspirants in the clinical research domain with a strong foundation to start with.

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Being one of the best clinical research training institute, CRBtech feels glad to shape the career of trainees with its job oriented practical training programme.

Clinical Research Course In Navi Mumbai

About Online Clinical Research Training Programme:

There are lots of clinical research institutes in Navi Mumbai and at other locations in India that has on offer, industry oriented online training in pharmacovigilance and clinical research. Owing to this, it proves to be beneficial that while hunting for an option amongst these, one checks out whether the training provider is experienced with this specific domain or not. A prolonged association would enhance the chances of them providing quality coaching and imbibing in the trainees, the sought after skill-set.

The online clinical research course from CRBtech comes with a structured syllabus that would lay down a strong foundation in clinical research for the trainees, and also groom their aptitude and networking skill to the next level. Undergoing such kind of training is absolutely necessary in order to become better clinicians, and independent investigators as well.

The range of all round skills gained at CRBtech, will come in handy for multi-faceted careers in the clinical research domain.

Online Clinical Research Training Programme Outline:

The curriculum of our online clinical data management training in Navi Mumbai, covers the following major topics:

  • Basics of pharmacy and pharmacology
  • Basics of clinical research
  • Regulations in clinical research
  • Clinical trial methodology
  • Drug development process
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Clinical trial management
  • Phases in clinical trials
  • Ethical considerations in CR
  • History of clinical trials

The add-on skills specific modules are as follows:

  • Foreign language specific coaching
  • Aptitude development
  • Soft skills
  • Project based training

What you get:

  • An online course with funding of upto Rs. 1,00,000
  • Unlimited placement calls
  • Collaboration with 500+ clients
  • Learn from corporate trainers
  • Project guidance
  • GD-PI & aptitude preparation
  • Earn to Learn
  • Life time support assistance
  • HR grooming & Mock interview sessions
  • Upgrade bilingual skills to the next level
  • You will be provided with national or international placements

Benefit from such a wide range of exclusive offerings, under the online clinical research and pharmacovigilance training programme from CRBtech.

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